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The defeat of the nervous system in chronic brucellosis is most often manifested. neuritis, polyneuritis, radiculitis. Damage to the central nervous system (myelitis, meningitis, encephalitis, meningoencephalitis) is rare, but it is long and rather difficult. Changes in the reproductive system in men are manifested in.

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orchitis, epididymitis, decreased sexual function. salpingitis, endometritis, amenorrhea occurs, infertility may develop. Pregnant women often have miscarriages, stillbirths, premature births, congenital brucellosis in children.

Sometimes there are changes in the eyes (iritis, chorioretinitis, uveitis, keratitis, optic nerve atrophy, etc.). With aerogenic infection, sluggish brucellosis pneumonia often develops, which are unsuccessfully treated with antibiotics. There may be myocarditis, endocarditis, aortitis and other lesions of the cardiovascular system. The principles and methods of treatment depend on the form of brucellosis.

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Casino therapy can give an effect only in the acute (acute) form of brucellosis, in chronic forms, the appointment of antibiotics plays an auxiliary role, vaccine therapy is of primary importance. Treatment of acute form of brucellosis.

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The incubation period for acute onset of brucellosis can last about 3 weeks, but incubation can last several months.

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Chronic forms are characterized by a syndrome of general intoxication (weakness, headache). Common symptoms include prolonged low temperature, weakness, increased irritability, poor sleep, impaired appetite, decreased performance.

This form of brucellosis does not threaten the life of the patient, even without treatment, it ends in recovery. Manifestations of chronic brucellosis.

Despite the high and very high body temperature, the patient's state of health remains good (at a temperature of 39 ° C and above, the patient can read books, play chess, watch TV, etc.).

Almost all patients have an increase in lymph nodes. The liver and spleen are often enlarged. Against this background, lesions of the joints, nervous and reproductive systems are noted. With brucellosis, there may be other lesions (pneumonia, myocarditis, eye lesions, etc.), but they are less common.

The defeat of the musculoskeletal system is the most common manifestation of chronic brucellosis. Patients complain of pain in muscles and joints, mainly in large ones. The knee and elbow are most commonly affectedeve, shoulder, hip joints, rarely - small joints of the hand and feet.

The joints swell, their mobility is limited, and the skin over them is usually normal in color. Impaired mobility and deformity of the joints are caused by the growth of bone tissue. The spine is affected, more often in the lumbar region.